Frequently asked questions


+ How do I play without drones?

For Original Style & ePipes-

1) Before turning the power on, press and hold the mute (top) pushbutton.
2) Turn the power on while continuing to hold the top pushbutton.
3) Once the unit is on and the LED is blinking, release the top pushbutton.
4) Operation as normal without drones.
The drones will now be disabled for the current playing session. After the power has been cycled off & on again, the drones will be enabled.

+ How do I play in different keys?

For Original Style, ePipes & MidiPipes

1) turn the unit on
2) Play the note corresponding to the key you would like to play in. For instance play an “E” to play in the key of E, or a “C” to play in the key of C
3) Hold this note until the beep sound.
Now the pipes will play in the desired key until it is switched off again. If no fingers are on the chanter at the sound of the beep – it will play in the regular bagpipe key of 470 hz (approximately b flat).

+ I am having trouble with "skipping" or "stuck" notes

1) Ensure there is a good battery installed- the importance of this cannot be stressed enough. With a weak battery, it is possible to power the pipes up and have them misbehave until the battery voltage drops enough to shut the pipes down altogether.
2) Give the contacts a good rub down with a dry cloth - if there happens to be some contamination on the contacts (oil, lotion etc) this can interfere with the operation.
3) Wipe the area of the chanter tube between the contacts with a dry cloth as well. It is possible that sweat etc can form a conductive "bridge" between the notes, tricking the chanter into playing the wrong note intermittently.

+ How can I connect the pipes to an Amplifier?

For all models-
The output jack of the electronic bagpipes is a stereo 3.5mm (1/8") connector. As such, you must ensure that it connects to a corresponsing stereo input. The pipes will connect directly to amplified PC speakers with a 3.5mm stereo plug. If connecting to a mono device such as a guitar amplifier, you must use a "stereo to mono" adapter to suit the size and gender of the input of the device. Always start with the volume of the pipes at the lowest setting and gradually increase the volume to avoid overloading the input and subsequent distortion.

+ What payment methods are accepted?

You may pay securely online with major Credit Cards, Debit Card or PayPal balance. All payments are securely processed through PayPal, and card details are not forwarded to the merchant. A PayPal account is not required, and there are no additional fees.

+ Do you have information on the Multi-Instrument Electronic Bagpipes?

The Multi-Instrument Electronic Bagpipes are no longer in production. Information is available here.


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