Ross Technologies MidiPipes Electronic Bagpipes

Electronic Bagpipes with MIDI & Wavetable Sound

The Ross Technologies MidiPipes are an affordable, high quality digital instrument, equally suitable for use as a convenient practice chanter, or with an amplifier for live performance.

The notes are played in a very realistic manner, by covering electronic touch sensors, positioned to exactly match the finger spacing of a regular pipe chanter.

The sound is produced from actual Great Highland Bagpipe samples stored in a wavetable for an accurate and realistic playing experience.

The pipes are activated by a touch sensor on the top corner of the chanter, allowing either hand or chin activation with no physical switch to get in the way !

The MidiPipes incorporate fingering for natural notes and vibrato to enhance the range of notes and expression available.

Also available is an option to select a novel and realistic “strike in” feature, which allows the drones to sound before the chanter, giving a staged strike-in like an actual set of bagpipes.

The unit may be configured to play in the regular bagpipe key of “b-flat”, or one of seven different keys to match the pitch of other instruments – all by simply playing the desired key on the finger holes ie: all holes covered for the key of “G”.

The pipes may also be set to play an automatic harmony accompaniment (seconds) if desired, as well as a brand new “Band Mode” which simulates a group of pipers playing in unison !

The unit is configured to save the last volume setting used, and will also automatically shut down after a period of non-use to conserve battery power.


* MIDI – Musical Instrument Digital Interface