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All products manufactured by Ross Technologies are RoHS Compliant, and are soldered using an environmentally friendly Tin-Silver-Copper alloy.

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About Ross Technologies-


Based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada – we have been a leader in the design and manufacture of affordable quality Electronic Bagpipes for nearly two decades, with instruments shipped to every continent on the globe!

These fine musical instruments have the exact same fingering as the Great Highland Bagpipe, and enable both beginners and professionals to fit in valuable practice sessions virtually anyplace, anytime. Using the built-in speaker, the Electronic Bagpipes can be used to entertain a crowd, or pop in headphones to tackle that challenging new tune any time of the day or night.

Ross Technologies Electronic Bagpipes are based on cutting-edge crystal controlled digital technology – which means no tuning up is ever required ! Sensitive electronic touch sensors detect the position of your fingers on the chanter, and trigger the corresponding note – using the exact same finger positioning as a regular chanter – no extra holes or ‘common’ sensors are required to make these beauties play away!

If stage performance is your thing, well … then jam away … we have got you covered ! Ross Technologies Electronic Bagpipes can be ‘programmed’ to play in seven different keys to match other instruments such as guitars, fiddles keyboards – you name it!

If you want to add a little spice to your strathspey, or a little rock to your reel – just click on the ‘auto harmony’ feature for perfectly blended seconds ! Drones on or off? No problem – you can select this too.

All round – the Ross Technologies Electronic Bagpipes are a must have for every piper !